Father Bill Brown is leading a class on Comparative Christianity, looking at the beliefs of various Christian denominations. 

This class will meet weekly online via ZOOM. Check your eWeekly newsletter, or contact Father Brown or the church office, for the ZOOM link. 

Class Dates: Wednesdays at 5:30 PM

  • Feb 2 through Feb 27 
  • (no meetings during Lent) 
  • April 20 through May 25 

Here are links to documents for class in PDF format for you to view or download. 

  1. Synopsis

  2. Class Notes, Introduction, 2/2/22 

  3. Class Notes, Roman Catholicism, 2/9/22

  4. Class Notes, Anglican-Episcopal, 2/16/22

  5. Class Notes, Lutheranism, 2/23/22

  6. Class Notes, Methodism, 4/20/22

  7. Class Notes, Anabaptists, 4/27/22

  8. Class Notes, Differences between Amish and Mennonite, 4/27/22

  9. Class Notes, Amish, 4/27/22

  10. Class Notes, Presbyterian, 5/19/22

  11. Class Notes, The Paradox of Predestination, 5/19/22

  12. Class Notes, Orthodox, 5/19/22

  13. The Great Schism, 5/25/22

(If the first attempt says 'failure to download' - hit 'reload.' If you still cannot download, contact Father Bill or call the church office at 502-223-0057 for a direct email.)