At Church of the Ascension, we strive to be a school of the Lord’s service. We share the abundance God has given us, both within and beyond the walls of our church. Our income and expenses are tracked and reported, carefully and transparently, to the vestry and to the congregation. PLEASE SCROLL LDOWN to see a letter from our Treasurer about giving during the pandemic.

Please consider giving to Ascension. If you are interested in giving a specific gift,  pledging for the current calendar year (either in monetary funds *or* of your time and talent for support activities), please contact our Finance Department: phone 502-223-0557 - email 

Click HERE  to donate securely online via PayPal.
(Note that we must pay a fee of 3-4% to PayPal, so giving directly by check or ACH is preferred.)

Click HERE for a form to use for setting up an automatic debit (ACH) from your bank account.

OR make checks payable to "Church of the Ascension" and mail to:

Church of the Ascension
311 Washington Street
Frankfort KY 40601

Please designate the purpose of your donation on your check, whether it is for the general operating fund (just write "donation") or for some other specific purpose - pledge payment, Capital Campaign, Reading Camp, personal memorial, altar flowers, etc. Your donation will be processed immediately upon receipt. Make sure we have your address on file so that you may expect an annual statement for tax purposes.

Check out these FREE ways to give to Ascension:

Depending on your interests, ask us about:

  • Stewardship giving to support our annual campaign for pledges to support operational expenses.

  • Endowment giving to create a lasting legacy for generations to come.

  • Donating for special causes such as the Preservation Trust, Reading Camp, Johnson Memorial Music Fund, memorials, altar flowers, etc. (For personal memorial contributions, we will notify the family of your gift and also send you a receipt from the church.)

  • Arranging gifts from sale of stock, wire transfers.

  • Naming Ascension in your will.


A LETTER FROM OUR TREASURER, during the pandemic:

We hope that our continuing video-produced and live services are providing you some spiritual fulfillment during these difficult times. Please note the schedule for our continuing services on Facebook and our web site. We commend all clergy, staff, and lay parishioners who are generously giving their time and talents to these digital endeavors.

We know this is a time of uncertainty and difficulty for all of us. As you take care of yourselves now, physically and financially, you will be able to help others later. If you have lost a job, need money for groceries or housing, or face some other hardship due to the pandemic, please feel free to talk with Father Peter, Deacon Rebecca, or Deacon Sue. They are 'plugged in' to channels for finding assistance that you might not know.

Please note that during this critical time, obligations of your Parish continue. We must continue to pay for payroll, utilities, facility maintenance, insurance, and more. We want to make sure that our doors can reopen when this crisis is eased. Our 2020 budget is already quite lean, and your gifts of time and treasure are crucial to the mission of the Episcopal Church of Ascension, Frankfort, Kentucky.

In recent years we worked and prayed together to meet serious financial challenges. Please continue your pledge payments and make other donations as you are able.

Address any payments sent by U.S. Mail to Church of the Ascension, 311 Washington Street, Frankfort KY 40601. If you are out of envelopes or stamps to send a paper check, we will be glad to mail you a supply. Email or call 502-223-0557.

You may drop offerings and other paperwork, contained in an envelope, into the locked church mailbox. It is a brass box located on the parish hall porch that is nearest the main church door, mounted on the brick wall to the right of the steps.

If you would like to give "automatically" by authorizing a regular monthly deduction from your bank account, contact the office to get that started.

You may also donate to Ascension online: using a credit card at
(You do NOT need a PayPal account to do this - just a credit card. Only PayPal sees your credit card number, not anyone at Ascension. This is considered to be a very safe, secure way to give online.)

If you have questions about the church budget or expenses, talk to any 2020 Vestry member, or to William Legg, Treasurer, or Mike Oder, Assistant Treasurer, or Jim King, Finance Committee Chair.

Please take care of yourselves and shepherd your resources. May God bless us all.

William Legg