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At Church of the Ascension, we strive to be a school of the Lord’s service. We share the abundance God has given us, both within and beyond the walls of our church. Our income and expenses are tracked and reported, carefully and transparently, to the vestry and to the congregation. PLEASE SCROLL LDOWN to see a letter from our Treasurer about giving during the pandemic.

Please consider giving to Ascension. If you are interested in giving a specific gift, pledging for the current calendar year (either in monetary funds *or* of your time and talent for support activities), please contact our Finance Department: phone 502-223-0557 - email 

Click HERE  to donate securely online via PayPal.
(Note that we must pay a fee of 3-4% to PayPal, so giving directly by check or ACH is preferred.)

Click HERE for a form to use for setting up an automatic debit (ACH) from your bank account.

OR make checks payable to "Church of the Ascension" and mail to:

Church of the Ascension
311 Washington Street
Frankfort KY 40601

Please designate the purpose of your donation on your check, whether it is for the general operating fund (just write "donation") or for some other specific purpose - pledge payment, Capital Campaign, Reading Camp, personal memorial, altar flowers, etc. Your donation will be processed immediately upon receipt. Make sure we have your address on file so that you may expect an annual statement for tax purposes.

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Depending on your interests, ask us about:

  • Stewardship giving to support our annual campaign for pledges to support operational expenses.

  • Endowment giving to create a lasting legacy for generations to come.

  • Donating for special causes such as the Preservation Trust, Reading Camp, Johnson Memorial Music Fund, memorials, altar flowers, etc. (For personal memorial contributions, we will notify the family of your gift and also send you a receipt from the church.)

  • Arranging gifts from sale of stock, wire transfers.

  • Naming Ascension in your will.




If you have read this far, thank you for your interest in the mission of the Episcopal Church of the Ascension. We are an Episcopal Church and part of the worldwide Anglican Communion. Therefore, we tend to do things in an orderly Anglican way. One way we do this is by asking for all congregants to prayerfully consider presenting an annual pledge of your intention to make monetary contributions to the parish during the approaching year. Pledging provides us another piece of the information we use to create a draft budget for that new year. And if we do a reasonable job at that work, the new Vestry installed after the Annual Meeting in January may consider and approve a budget the parish can plan its life around in 2023.
Your monetary pledges, regular support, gifts, and other contributions are appreciated however they may occur, however I do want to discuss two methods of gifting that require cooperation on your part.
Gifts of Securities
One way you can make gifts to the parish that may be financially beneficial and convenient for you are by giving the parish interest in securities (stocks, bonds, etc.) you may own. You should always consult with the Treasury of the parish before attempting to complete such a transfer. The most tax-advantaged way you can give to a church is by transferring the security itself. We have a designated broker who receives those securities for us and can value the transfer at the time and date it is made. When the church sells the security it has received in its own right, the tax consequences you experience are limited to the value of the charitable gift you made at the time of your transfer to us. You may want to use that gift on your income tax return as a deduction for that tax year. All capital gains and losses that might have occurred are not considered by federal and state tax agencies.
Debited Withdrawals
Another way to give planned periodic monetary gifts to the parish is by participating in our “ACH” program we operate through Whitaker Bank to debit an account at a financial institution, and you legally designate one of two times of the month to make withdrawals. Whitaker Bank makes these withdrawals from participants’ accounts on the 15th and the 30th of each month as I approve. This is not automatic. I am required to review and approve by separate coded operation the planned withdrawals for each date. This means that a participant can terminate their participation in the program for that particular date or any number of subsequent dates by notifying me before I process that date’s withdrawals. We have no plans at this time to expand ACH withdrawals beyond the current bimonthly events.
Authorization for Debited Withdrawals
We have a form that is required for participation in the ACH program at Ascension. As you might anticipate, the form is entitled:
“Authorization Form For Automated Clearing House Transactions (ACH Debits)”
A copy of this form is attached. The Treasury of Ascension has stringent requirements as to the completion and submission of this form, as it is a legal authorization for our bank to remove funds from an account you own at your bank.

Click here to view ACH Form

These are those requirements:

• The “Authorization Form For Automated Clearing House Transactions (ACH Debits)” must be completed in every respect in full by clear and concise printing or typing.

• In the fill-in-the-blank after “I (we) wish for this transaction to take place on (date): “
You must fill in either “15", “30", or “15 and 30".

• If you want to have withdrawals for both monthly dates, but for differing amounts, you must complete two forms for each date.

• You must attach a voided check or deposit slip printed in your name for the financial institution you have designated on the form for the account you have designated on the form.

• When completed you sign and date the completed form and you submit the original with the voided check or slip to the Treasury. You can send to or leave the form with the Church Office, the Treasurer, or the Assistant Treasurer.
Thank your for considering the Church of the Ascension in your giving plans for 2023.

William Legg, Treasurer
The Episcopal Church of the Ascension
311 Washington Street
Frankfort, Kentucky 40601

Dated November 19, 2022.