Funeral Information & Burial Instructions - request from and discuss with a Deacon, or download/print, fill out and submit to a Deacon or to the parish office. This information is confidential, to serve as a guide to the church and your family after your death.


Daily Offices Online - from Father Neat, 8/1/2013:
A significant amount of interest was expressed in a recent book study class about using computers and smart phones for praying the Daily Offices. I thought there might be similar interest in the greater community for those who have not yet discovered the benefits of being able to log on to the Internet and say your prayers wherever you might be. Last week one of our parishoners noted on Facebook that he'd done one of the Daily Offices at 30,000 feet for the first time in his life!

Below are links for the Episcopal Church's Daily Office and one for the Church of England.Some have "Apps," but I've found that with my Droid smart phone I can just bookmark them for my opening screen and immediately go to them.

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