2023 Vestry

The vestry of an Episcopal parish is responsible for assisting the rector/priest in nurturing its church family, as well as the larger community; for overseeing parish finances; for maintaining all parish facilities; and for choosing community and parish leadership, including members of task forces and committees. The vestry also chooses the church’s rector/priest. The Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, and Chancellor are volunteer officers of the church.

The Ascension Vestry meets on the third Thursday of each month, beginning at 5:30  p.m. Most meetings are open to all congregants; if you have an interest in attending a meeting, please contact the Priest or Senior Warden to review the schedule and agenda.

Members of the Ascension Vestry are elected in a parish-wide meeting held in January of each year. As a rule, four new members are elected to three-year terms each year. (The number in parentheses after each name indicates the year in which that person's term expires.) 

SENIOR WARDEN - Kristi Buffenmyer (2026)

CO-JUNIOR WARDEN - Jim King (2024) & David Bemiss (2026) 

Candy Charters (2025) 

Suzanne Cox (2024)

Jason Harrod (2025)

Jennifer Lee (2025)

Leandra Price (2025)

Annette Poole-Malone (2026)

Lynne Dalessio-Schaum (2026)

CLERK - Judith Spencer 


Senior Warden - Kristi Buffenmyer 

Co-Junior Warden - Jim King & David Bemiss

Clerk - Judith Spencer

Treasurer - William Legg

Assistant Treasurer - Pauline Van Horn