2020 Vestry

The vestry of an Episcopal parish is responsible for assisting the Rector in nurturing its Church family, as well as the larger community; for overseeing parish finances; for maintaining all parish facilities; and for choosing community and parish leadership, including members of task forces and committees. The vestry also chooses the Church’s rector. The Treasurer and Chancellor are volunteer officers of the church.

The Ascension Vestry meets on the thirdThursday of each month in the church library, beginning between 5:00-6:00  p.m. Most meetings are open to all congregants; if you have an interest in attending a meeting, please contact the Rector or Senior Warden to review the schedule and agenda.

Members of the Ascension Vestry are elected in a parish-wide meeting held in January of each year. As a rule, four new members are elected to three-year terms each year. (The number in parentheses after each name indicates the year in which that person's term expires.) 

SENIOR WARDEN - Julia Peavler Tyson (2023)

JUNIOR WARDEN - Ron Gruzesky (2021)

Tim Agne (2022)

Laura Napier Buffenmyer (2021) 

Todd Elliott (2022)

Ginni Fox (2021)

Zachary Horn (2022)

Fred Kirchhoff (2023)

Rick Kurtz (2021)

Shannon Lancaster (2021)

CLERK - Judith Spencer (2023)

Tori Word (2023)


Senior Warden - Julia Peavler Tyson

Junior Warden - Ron Gruzesky

Judith Spencer - Clerk

Iris Skidmore, Attorney-at-Law - Chancellor

William Legg - Treasurer

Mike Oder - Assistant Treasurer