At Church of the Ascension, we strive to be a school of the Lord’s service. We share the abundance God has given us, both within and beyond the walls of our church. Our income and expenses are tracked and reported, carefully and transparently, to the vestry and to the congregation.

Please consider giving to Ascension. If you are interested in giving a specific gift,  pledging for the current calendar year (either in monetary funds *or* of your time and talent for support activities), please contact our Finance Department: phone 502-223-0557 - email 

Click HERE to donate securely via PayPal. Use any major credit card OR your PayPal account to set up a single or recurring donation to Ascension.

OR make checks payable to "Church of the Ascension" and mail to:

        Church of the Ascension
        311 Washington Street
        Frankfort KY  40601

Please designate the purpose of your donation on your check, whether "donation" for the general operating fund or for some other specific purpose - pledge payment, Capital Campaign, Reading Camp, personal memorial, altar flowers, etc. Your donation will be processed immediately upon receipt. Make sure we have your address on file so that you may expect an annual statement for tax purposes.

Depending on your interests, ask us about:

  • Stewardship giving to support our annual campaign for pledges to support operational expenses.

  • Capital Campaign giving to support our ongoing campaign to eliminate mortgage debt.

  • Donating for special causes such as the Preservation Trust, Reading Camp, memorials, altar flowers, etc.
    (For personal memorial contributions, we will notify the family of your gift and also send you a receipt from the church.)

  • Setting up an automatic debit from your bank account - single or recurring.

  • Arranging gifts from sale of stock, wire transfers.

  • Naming Ascension in your will.

More ways to give back to Ascension: