UPDATE: Pandemic Building Closure & Safety

Reminder: Even as we begin to hold in-person services inside the church, other building areas (parish hall, library and offices) remain closed at all times. 




unless pre-approved by Father Doddema 


Entry only by clergy, staff, contractors or others by appointment, or as specifically authorized for brief, single-person tasks. NO in-person group meetings are allowed on the premises at this time, and no in-person worship services are scheduled inside the building until further notice. 

If you do have an approved reason to enter the building, please remember: 

DO NOT ENTER if you have felt sick in the last 24 hours. Check your temperature and get tested if you have symptoms. 

MASK REQUIRED: Please provide your own mask and keep it ON and keep your mouth and nose covered as you move about the premises (even if alone, you may encounter others at any time) – except while working alone in a single confined space. WASH YOUR HANDS. GLOVES: Disposable gloves are readily available on the kitchen counter – for use when touching any objects frequently touched by others (such as door knobs, money, equipment, etc.). WASH YOUR HANDS. 

DISINFECT Restrooms, Kitchen, Office and Other Shared Spaces: Disinfectant gel and wipes are provided throughout the building. Please disinfect all touched surfaces thoroughly after using/touching. WASH YOUR HANDS. 

SOCIAL DISTANCE: Stay at least 6 feet apart, including in the church, at the altar, in meeting rooms, kitchen, hallways, and offices. Dr. Stack says the rule is Mask PLUS Distance, not one or the other!  

LIMIT face-to-face interaction: use virtual meetings, email, etc., whenever possible. Keep any personal encounters SHORT.