Blessing Bags!

2020 was hard on so many. For the clergy not being able to see, visit and chat in person with our parishioners has been extremely stressful for each of us. Also, we have many parishioners who are not ‘online’ or not familiar with technology and tools like Zoom and Facebook that are being so widely used during this pandemic. For all of us, the isolation and loss of connection is deeply felt. 

This Advent and Christmas season, Deacon Rebecca was inspired by The Rev. Karen Booth of Holy Trinity Georgetown to implement a new project to reach out to our parishioners. The goal was to help parishioners know that they are still important and cared for by the Ascension clergy, members of Daughters of the King, and pastoral team.

Deacon Rebecca and others gathered and bagged up items intended to help increase the spiritually of a Blessed Advent and a Holy Christmas. Each Advent bag included an Advent calendar, an Episcopal Relief & Development catalog, a set of led Advent ‘candles’, a hand written note from one of the clergy members, a first draft copy of our updated Friends and Families directory, and other items. The Christmas bags included some candy (of course!), an O Come Emanuel handheld cross, and a 12 Days of Christmas bookmark, to name a few of the items. 

These "Blessing Bags" were hand-delivered (with "porch smiles" but no physical contact, maintaining social distance) at the beginning of the Advent season to 140 families that are part of our congregation with homes in and around Frankfort, Lawrenceburg, Louisville, and beyond. 

Response from all recipients was overwhelmingly positive - including generous responses to the plea for a Christmas outreach project for Simon House families. Let us remember and raise each other in prayer as we look forward to a vaccine for the virus and brighter days in 2021!